Project Leader Expectations


  • Project leaders are those men and women who see the needs of the community and are willing to step up and help out. Without them, Love Irvine would not happen. Thank you for sharing your passion for this city with us and the volunteers that will help to accomplish your project!



The Love Irvine team will correspond with you regularly for instructions and reminders. Be prepared to monitor your email and texts for updates and respond accordingly and promptly.

Project Leaders are responsible for communicating with their volunteers through email, texts and/or telephone  confirming with each volunteer all details so that there is no confusion.

1. Have you submitted your project suggestion at:

     • Before we can approve your project, we need for you to complete these two important steps:

     • Read and Sign Project Leader Expectations at:

     • Create Account at:

     • When both of these are completed, we will get back to you soon on the status of your project. 

2. Once your project is approved, you’ll need to organize all the details of your project so that it will be a success for all.

3. Champion your project among everyone you have influence (social media, email, posters,  flyers, etc.) and try to get people signed up. Encourage people to sign up at If you have a school project, inspire your students to tell their parents and families!

4. Email, text and/or call often all of those who sign up for your project ... thanking them and giving the details needed (this needs to be done when they sign up, weekly as well as the few days before the event as a reminder). 

5. Stay in touch with your volunteers and offer opportunities throughout the year to continue to volunteer with your organization or efforts!

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